10 Energy Burning Toys For Toddlers (Keep Them Active Indoors)

Is it challenging to deal with active toddlers who are stuck inside?

If they have nothing to do, I bet they’re going to find something!

Below are the best toys to help your kids burn off some of their boundless energy when the weather isn’t always ideal for outdoor play.

They’re an absolute life-saver during winter or on a rainy day.

1. Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Ride-On – Hippo

Your toddlers would love an indoor ride-on toy that carries stuffs!

With a storage bin under the seat, they can fill it up with their things and transport them to another room.

Unload their stuffs and fill up the compartment again for the next ride.

It’s an excellent way for the little ones to burn off their steam.

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2. Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline

Trampoline is a great toy for toddlers to get their energy out.

My kids love to jump on trampoline.

Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline is perfect for kids ages 1-3 years. It can even accommodate the smallest bouncers.

If you’re short of space, then get Little Tikes Easy Store 3′ Trampoline. You can fold down its handle and tuck away the whole thing in a corner when you don’t need it.

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3. Giant Foam Blocks

Giant foam blocks help little ones to practice their fine motor skills of stacking, sorting, and spreading.

They also improve your kids’ imaginative play.

Your toddlers can build structure that allows them to play on it.

It encourages them to climb and crawl too.

If they enjoy square blocks very much, you can introduce other shapes or a tunnel.

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4. Moluk Bilibo

Moluk Bilibo is a fun toy for pent-up energy on cold and rainy days.

The toddlers just sit in these colorful helmet-like contraptions.

Then they can spin or rock back and forth.

Or they can lean as far as they can to the side until they fall out onto the ground.

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5. Gonge Hilltops

Kids get bored when walking on a flat surface.

Why not make it fun for them indoor with the Gonge Hilltops?

It comes witha set of five “stones”.

Your toddlers can place them on the surface in any way they like.

It can be a obstacle course. Or prentending to skip across the lake.

Gonge Hilltops enhance balance and coordination as the kids step from one to the other.

They’re stackable for easy storage.

6. The Bouncing Colors Turtle

If your toddlers love to ride, the Bouncing Colors Turtle would entertain them.

It comes with spinning beads and seven melodies.

When your little ones calls out colors and shapes, the buttons would light up.


7. Playhuts

Playhuts can keep your toddlers happy and busy when they have to stay indoors.

If you’ve space, you should get one of my favorites. And they’re affordable.

Playhut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Tent

Play Tent Princess Castle with Glow in the Dark Stars

If your kids want more fun, they would love playhuts with tunnels.


Some homes have limited space for the playhut. So I suggest that you get one that can be tucked away into a small area.


8. Zoom Bike Kids Trike for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Not only this tricycle is light, but it’s foldable for compact storage and portability.

Its sit-on feature is ideal for new walkers to have fun.

Little ones can start learning how to ride this scooter both indoors and outdoors.


9. Little Tikes First Slide

It’s good for any toddler who wants to learn how to slide for the first time.

It’ll keep young ones occupied when they’re restless or the weather is not conducive for outdoor play.

It’s durable for long lasting usage.

You can also use it outdoor for your toddlers to play safely while their older siblings play other recreational equipment.


10. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug/Cow

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug/Cow is so adorable that your toddlers find it irresistible not to ride it!

Its soft body makes this adorable critter a comfy ride-on toy for your toddlers.

Your kids can go in any direction, thanks to its multidirectional casters.

They’re low to the ground and stable enough that the littlest child can climb on and off without constant watch.


10 Best Toys To Burn Off Stem When Your Toddlers Are Stuck Indoors
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10 Energy Burning Toys For Toddlers (Keep Them Active Indoors)
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