Some Baby Sleep Lies Finally Exposed

Are you deprived of proper sleep when you have a newborn? Rest is almost impossible with every morning waking up feeling jaded & unhinged. You may think your approaches to baby sleep is wrong. Well, rest assured that you’re not alone. Books and expert advice on baby sleep are NOT always right. I read this […]

Best Portable Baby Swing That Plugs In

Portable baby swings are smaller, lighter, and have fewer functions than the regular ones. Though most of them are not foldable, it’s small and light enough to move around the house. Also, it’s compact, helping you save a lot of space. So, it’s ideal for apartments or houses with small spaces. Usually, portable baby swings […]

Baby Monitor Saves Toddler From Choking

You may think that baby monitor is not necessary. But this news highlights the close call that the mother had if she did not have the baby monitor in the first place. Rebecca Fitzgerald, a mother from New Zealand, had the scare of a lifetime after her toddler-aged daughter, Charli, began violently choking on a […]

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