Some Baby Sleep Lies Finally Exposed

Baby Sleep Lies

Are you deprived of proper sleep when you have a newborn?

Rest is almost impossible with every morning waking up feeling jaded & unhinged.

You may think your approaches to baby sleep is wrong.

Well, rest assured that you’re not alone.

Books and expert advice on baby sleep are NOT always right.

I read this post by a first time mom who attended a public talk on baby sleep.

The nurse told her that nursing her child to sleep was ruining her baby’s ability to self-soothe.

Just like any other moms, she was confused and frustrated.

So what are the lies on infant sleep that the experts have been feeding you?

Here is one lie: The secret to a three-month-old sleeping 12 hours straight is just $20 away.

Another lie: It isn’t normal for an infant or toddler to wake up a few times a night.

And one more lie: It is now, and has always been, customary for humans to sleep in solid 8-12 hour increments.


What is the takeaway here?

Chill! As long as your baby sleeps regardless of whatsoever methods you use, give yourself a pat on the back.

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Experts can say many things to make you feel that you’re doing it wrong.

Well, the truth is that every baby is unique when it comes to the sleep pattern.

Baby Sleep Lies
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Some Baby Sleep Lies Finally Exposed
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